Encounter Sam: The Feline Sporting Unique Eyebrows

It turns out that a cat doesn’t need to be grumpy to become a viral sensation on the internet. Meet Sam, the always surprised kitten whose unique markings above his eyes have made him an overnight sensation. With his eyebrows that seem to reach for the stars, Sam’s photos quickly went viral, gaining him over 10,000 followers on Instagram.

Sam, also known as the Eyebrow Cat, calls New York City home. When asked about Sam’s story, his owner kept it a mystery and hinted at a possible website launch in Sam’s honor. With his apologetic and concerned expression, it’s hard to imagine this feline getting into any trouble – he must be using up just one of his nine lives! Stay tuned for more updates on Sam’s adventures on his Instagram page and website.






Meet Sam, The Cat With Eyebrows

Meet Sam, The Cat With Eyebrows

Meet Sam, The Cat With Eyebrows


Meet Sam, The Cat With Eyebrows


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